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Executive Insight Sessions

Get Your Executives On Board

Are you finding it difficult to help your organization’s executives to see the connections between your leadership workplace leadership equity across gender, race, and ethnicity, their work, and enterprise success?

Critical Diversity Measures Institute’s Executive Insight Session is an interactive session for Presidents, CEO’s, Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents, Senior Directors and Directors with their senior HR officers and diversity leaders.

Your organization’s executives may have difficulty translating their commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) into action, or may be mired in important business issues that prevent them from seeing the connections between D&I, their work, and enterprise success. Critical Diversity Measures Institute Executive Insight Sessions are engaging, courageous, conversations with executives that increase their awareness of business leadership equity with C-Level perspectives connected to the following.

  • Social justice
  • Risk
    • Financial
    • Legal
    • Talent
    • Business reputation
    • Compliance matters
    • Employee engagement
    • Market share

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